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Frequently Asked

What is the difference between a keynote and motivational speaker?

A keynote speaker is the backbone of an event. Responsible for leading the proceedings to providing the expertise to a specific theme, they have the knowledge, confidence and engaging speaking style to draw attention to the topic of the occasion. Often, a recognisable celebrity or an independent expert in a certain field will be the keynote speaker for an event, using their status to increase their authority over a subject. It is common for a keynote speaker to be followed by the events guest speaker, who can explore their experience from within a related industry.

Differing from the keynote speaker, a motivational speaker aims to open the minds of the audience, encouraging them to address the improvements that can be made in their own professional and personal lives. Whilst a keynote speaker is an independent expert in a field or industry, motivational speakers rely on their own stories of trials and tribulations to inspire the audience – attending an event with a motivational speaker is commonly more personal and enlightening.

How do I choose a keynote speaker?

In order to choose the perfect keynote speaker, it is important to address the themes that your occasion revolves around, so you have a strong understanding of the event’s intention. From there, it is easier to choose the perfect keynote speaker dependant on their field of expertise and style of public speaking.

Similarly, by identifying the type of audience you have it is easier to choose a keynote speaker that will consistently engage them. The average keynote speaker talks for around 45 minutes, so it is beneficial for you to hire someone who can capture the audience’s attention for that long.

Reflective of keynote speakers quality and experience, how much they charge can vary drastically. One of the easiest ways to identify which speaker is perfect for you is to address your own personal budget, and disregard the speakers that don’t fall within that bracket. It is relatively simple to narrow down your options and find the perfect keynote speaker for your event, when you take into account the event’s topic, target audience and your personal budget.

How Do I Book a Speaker?

The process of booking a speaker can be an easy one and relies on your budget and brief. A speaker agency’s role is to help you find, book and organise the administration for the talent so they can stand on stage at your event. Firstly we recommend browsing our website to establish clarity on what you are looking for.

The appropriate speaker might jump out at you, and from there you can simply get in touch to discover the availability and price of the speaker chosen. Alternatively, you might see the benefit of some of the speakers on our website but are not convinced you have found the ideal speaker, in which case you can get in touch with a member of our team and they will draw up a shortlist of top candidates to speak at your event, providing you with prices and availability for the speaker’s services.

From beginning to end, our expert team will make sure you have all the information and advice you need to pick the right speaker to impress at your event or conference. With years of experience working with international speakers, we pride ourselves on our ability to know what works at all events.

How far in advance can I make a booking?

Every motivational speakers’ diary is different. Whether you have a last minute corporate event, or a conference in the following year, we’ll be able to assist in the process of finding the perfect speaker for your function every step of the way.

How much does a speaker cost to hire?

The cost of a speaker can differ drastically dependent on experience, whether they are a keynote speaker and category of event that they are being booked for. Furthermore, if the speaker is a recognisable figure, then it is common for them to charge more taking into account their social status.

The best way to determine which speakers fall within your price budget is to inquire.